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So. To be completely honest…I forgot about my blog. I started a new job last week. The combination of that and trying to keep up on homework…I sort of spaced this place. I’ll try and work on that. Not that there are many that visit here, but hopefully with time, I can change that. So, to all of you that check up on here everyday…I do apologize.


Jim Henson on Making Puppets, 1969!

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I finally found the video I mentioned in the last post. I found it a neat old gem. It’s Jim Henson showing you how to make some simple puppets and such. It’s nice for a nostalgic factor, too. Plus, it’s really cool. Enjoy!

“Everything’s Better with Muppets” — Spray!

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Well…I found this on I Heart Chaos this morning. It’s interesting, to say the least. But, it does have Muppets. That’s awesome.

This does remind. If I can find it. I came across a really cool video with Jim Henson, about a week ago. I’ll be posting it too, when I can find it.

“This Too Shall Pass” — OK Go! (Official Rube Goldberg Machine Version)

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I fell in love with this video when it first came out. I know it’s older, but it’s insanely awesome. That would take forever. But, it’s an wicked. Amazing video.

They’ve had several really spectacular videos. Check ’em out.

“White Knuckles” — OK Go!

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You know, I absolutely love some of OK Go’s music videos. They’ve got some of the best, most inventive videos ever. So, check this one out.

I’ll have another OK Go video after this one. Enjoy.

“Set the Fire in the Third Bar” — Snow Patrol // Chuck & Sarah!

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It’s time for another Chuck related post. I came across this one a couple of weeks ago. Great video. I think they did an awesome job on it. Plus, that’s a great song.


“Replay” — IYAZ Cover by HappySlip!

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I’m going through my favorites on YouTube and posting them on there. This is one of my favorites. Check it out.

It’s something about her slight Filipino Accent throughout the song. It adds a bit of flavor to it. I like this cover a lot. She did a great job.  So kudos to her!